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Our nation’s recession outlook is not getting any better. In fact, it is sliding down further as the stock market plunges to no end. With a new President waiting in the wings, we can only hope the end is near, but there is no guarantee, especially with so many problems to tackle right away. It is left up to us, the people, to fend for ourselves. Therefore, we must save money on everything we do. Grocery shopping, our daily commute, and energy costs are all increasing, so it has become more important than ever to budget out our every expense. But what about those unexpected costs, such as home repairs? Although they are difficult to squeeze in sometimes, there is a place that makes it easier to save money on such emergencies.

MiNeedsis an on line community that allows customers like you and I search for professional service providers at a price that fits our budgets. It is a nice and simple process: you take a few minutes to post your needed service, and then all of the local professionals providing such services are notified and given an opportunity to bid on your need. That’s it! Once the bidding process is over, you take all of the proposals you receive from the professionals and see which ones offered you the best price, or better yet the best value for your money. You make the decisions from the comfort of your own home, without pressure, hassle, or a binding contract. If you don’t like the responses you receive, simply post the need again. It is a fool proof way to ensure you save a few dollars on every service you need, whether it is an emergency repair or a planned out event that requires professional attention.

Why not try it out for your next need and see how easy it is to save money? You can browse through all of the professional service providers in the system, or just post your need and have the right providers submitting proposals to try and win your business. You will want to use it for every need you have.

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Professional Experts Look For Your Business

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No matter what problem you need fixed in life, usually there is always someone out there that can fix it. The only thing is this person’s time, skills and experience typically are never free. Therefore, when we need these services our only hope is to find a provider at a reasonable price that can meet our needs while saving us some money. Here is where MiNeedscomes in. MiNeeds is a website where customers can post the services they need provided in a community filled with professionals ready and willing to do the job. Once the need is posted, all local professionals providing such services are notified and invited to bid on your project. The idea is to bring as many providers as possible to your door, all with a quote on how much it will cost. The end result is a number of choices, allowing customers to choose from a variety of pricing options that can fit their budget. It’s a nice and simple process that works to your advantage every time.

Here is an example of how it works. This Renton customer was in need of some help repairing their gas hot water heater. This is one of those moments where you don’t always have someone to turn to for help, and flipping through the yellow pages can only get you into trouble. They posted their need on MiNeeds, explaining their problem in detail. Once their post was submitted, they ended up with four professionals looking to help, all at their own stated cost. Having four choices gave the customer an option based on what they could afford, allowing them to save every dollar possible and still get the help they needed. They also received a tip from another community customer, which is a great feature when you post your need on MiNeeds. Sometimes advice from someone who has experienced a similar issue can help you make your decision that much easier.

So when you are experiencing a problem and need some professional help,, and just don’t know who to turn to, you can always go to MiNeeds and get the help you need. There are always providers looking for customers like you to meet those general services you occasionally need. Just post your need and watch them come to you with proposals. It really is that easy.

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Now Is the Time to Save!

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The global economy is falling apart. If you sit and listen to the politicians that run our country, you will often hear them dodge the buzz word that has been flying around like an annoying mosquito since the housing market crashed. The word is recession, and no matter how many people want to say otherwise, we are smack dab in the middle of one. The government is busy bailing out financial institutions that have let their policies go limp over the last decade, the increased cost of fuel and energy have made it nearly impossible for many families to get by and will only get harder this coming winter, and food expenses have shot through the roof. And with all that said, we still have to get through our everyday events that occur and cost money, such as car maintenance, home repairs, and childcare services.

In this time of financial need, there is a place you can turn to for help to ease the stress on your wallet and get these valuable services at an affordable price. MiNeeds is a website community that allows you to post your needed services, and alert all the professional providers offering these services exactly what you are looking for. As part of your need, you can outline the detailed services you require, and even put in a budget you want to stick to, allowing these providers to calculate whether they can perform these services at your specified cost. If they can, they submit a proposal for your business, and you select the one that suits your comfort level. It is that easy to save a few dollars here and there, and that adds up quickly.

With the financial world still not done reaping its whirlwind, you have to look out for yourself now more than ever. Why not do everything you can to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket? Every little bit helps, and knowing that MiNeeds is there to help make life’s necessary services a little more affordable, we can get through this unruly storm while breathing a little easier. Go post your needs right now and be on your way to replenishing your savings for the next rainy day.

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    The economy is undergoing a recession. So realizing all ways to cut costs has never been more important. This blog educates the readers on how to save money when hiring local service professionals from any occupation. We will share many success stories to emphasize our recommendations. Stay tuned!


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