Remodel Your Home Without Hurting Your Pocket!!

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In times when there is a cash crunch in the market and slowdown in the economy, it is important to spend judiciously. If you are in need of an additional room, the most economical way is to make use of the existing space in the best possible way. You will, however, need to hire a professional contractor, since an inexperienced person may not be able to give you the desired results. One way of finding an expert, yet affordable, professional is by contacting all the contractors in your area, soliciting bids from them, scanning through references and haggling for the right price, all of which requires huge investment of time and effort.

An alternative and the most time-efficient way of finding these professionals is through the MiNeeds site. Through MiNeeds, you can let the professionals search for you and attempt to win your business, instead of the other way around. All you have to do is to post your detailed requirement and sit back till you receive enough responses from professionals. As the professionals are bidding to win your business, you would also end up saving money. This is the path the customer in Rochester, Washington, took when he wanted to convert his garage into a game room. The moment he posted his requirement, MiNeeds contacted all the professionals in his area and prompted them to submit competitive bids in order to win the business. Within a few days, he had received a number of responses from several professionals, giving him ample choices to choose from. Since most of the professionals who had responded were licensed, he did not even have to bother about checking their credentials.

You can also simplify your search for professionals the next time you want to renovate or construct a room. You can scan through the list of Seattle Home Repair to contact the professionals who suit your need. Alternatively, you can simply post your needs and wait for the professionals to contact you!!

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Get Your Home Repairs Done To Your Satisfaction

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Home repairs, remodeling or maintenance work are usually quite taxing and require a lot of time and money. This is especially true when you have specific requirements and the work involves making up for the imperfections left behind by earlier professionals. Imperfect work can spoil the entire effect and even force you to get the repairs done again, resulting in double the effort and cost. Thus, searching for and hiring a professional who can produce work to your satisfaction is highly critical.

The search for such a professional could be a very tough task, involving substantial time and effort. Even after you have finally found the right person for the job, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the home repairs done within your budget. This is where MiNeeds come to your rescue. With MiNeeds, you can save immensely on the time and effort required to search for the right professional. Instead of you trying to find the professionals, sifting through their references and getting quotes from them, the professionals contact you and compete with each other to win your business at MiNeeds, ultimately saving you time and money. All you have to do is post your requirements on the site. This is exactly what the customer in Seattle, Washington, did when he wanted to get the finishing of his drywalls done as per his specific requirements. Within moments of the customer posting the details of his needs, MiNeeds contacted local professionals and prompted them to bid for the project. By the end of the week, the customer had received several bids from professionals, which gave him ample opportunity to select the one who best met his overall requirements.

You could also save yourself the hassle of searching for a professional the next time you want some home repairs done. You could either search through the list of Seattle Home Repairs or simply post your needs and wait for the bids to pour in!!

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Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution to Maintain Your Home

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A house can give comfort and security only if you maintain it properly. Ignoring small problems can lead to these issues getting out of hand and resulting in high maintenance costs. Getting small problems rectified by a professional can save you substantial time, effort and money in the long run. If you have made a New Year’s resolution to maintain your house properly, you will need to hire a good and dependable contractor for general repairs.

Searching for such a contractor could prove to be quite a daunting task unless you use the MiNeeds platform. This platform offers a unique solution to service seekers like you by offering a means for professionals to find you for a change. All you have to do is post your need and sit back for service providers to bid for your business. Consider the recent success story of the customer in Bothell, Washington who wanted to get his sliding closet doors tightened. He posted his need on the platform, which instantly notified all the contractors in his area and prompted them to submit their competitive estimates. Within a few days, he had received 7 bids, giving him ample options from which to select the one that best met his needs.

Save yourself the time, cost and effort of searching for an experienced and efficient professional the next time you need to hire a home contractor for general repairs. You can either browse through the list of Seattle Home Repair Contractors or simply post your need and wait for bids to pour in.

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MiNeeds: A Trusted Place to Turn To

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We have all heard the nightmarish stories before. And unfortunately, some of us have even lived through them too. I am talking about the shoddy general contractor who wins your business only to leave you hanging with little or no work done and still expects payment. Dozens of news stories have been playing around the nation telling similar tales, with the customer always in a fit of rage, and deservedly so. How can there be professional contractors out there that are still in business after pulling a fast one you may ask? That is a hard question to answer. The better, and much easier, question to answer is what do you do when you get stiffed by one of these con artists?

Look at this Seattle customer looking for a general contractor to finish a job one of these questionable contractors bailed out on. They had been left in a lurch on a complete remodel and didn’t know what to do or where to turn, so they let MiNeedshelp them out. MiNeeds is a website where professional service providers are notified of a customer’s posted need and are invited to bid on the service. As soon as the customer posted their very well detailed need for services, all of the local professionals providing contracting services were alerted and given the opportunity to respond with a quote. The scarred customer ended up with seven bids from general contractors, all with information such as qualifications, credentials, recommendations, and so forth, allowing the now-skeptical customer to regain some trust in the next provider they choose.

If you have ever been left high and dry in the thick of a home construction project, or just want to start at a place where you are in touch with professional providers that can be trusted, look through this list of Seattle home repair services and see if they meet your qualifications. Then, once you have a good idea of who is out there, post your need and have them bidding for your business instantly.

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Find a Solution to Your Home Repairs

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You know when you buy that new stove or dishwasher that it has to be installed in order to work. This is no new revelation. And if you are not too proud to admit it, some of us have no idea where to even start when it comes to such installations. While some appliance retailers offer an installation price, others don’t; especially if you are purchasing your new appliance from a discounted reseller. So unless you have a handy uncle or a friend who knows somebody that owes them a favor, you may end up spending half of what you paid for your new appliance on the installation costs.

Now that doesn’t have to be the way it works for everyone. Look at this Seattle customer in need of someone to remove an old garbage disposal and replace it with a new one. He posted his need on MiNeeds, a website where customers can post their needs and invite professional service providers to bid on their business. Once the customer posted the need, all of the local professionals providing home repairs were notified, and were given the opportunity to submit a proposal to the customer. He was welcomed with eight professional proposals without having to lift another finger. Think of all the time and energy he saved by taking a few minutes and posting on MiNeeds. He was also given a valuable piece of advice from another MiNeeds customer, adding to the benefits of being part of this great community.

If you have a small repair or installation that you need done but have been putting it off due to a lack of ability or just don’t know where to turn, check out what services these Seattle home repair professionals can offer. Then, enjoy the ease of posting your needwithin a few minutes time, and have the providers come looking for your business.

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Customize Your Construction Needs and Save Money

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Looking for the right general contractor is a tough chore. It always seems like you start with one price, then end up ten times higher than originally agreed at the end. And what can you do, argue and chance the contractor ceasing operations in the middle of a project? They always seem to offer an estimate that low balls the overall cost, and when it comes down to it they seem to increase the cost of supplies and materials to make up a little extra cash. So why not invest in all of the materials yourself, and just hire someone to put it up? Well, good luck finding a contractor that will agree to those terms.

So instead of the traditional search for a contractor that suits your needs, try MiNeeds, a place where professionals seek to bid on the services you need. Here, a customer from Auburn posted their need for a contractor to build a deck. They had already purchased the materials, and wanted a hired hand to install it correctly. In response to their posted need, general contractors in the customer’s area were invited to offer their services to the customer through a competitive bidding process. After receiving eleven proposals, the customer had plenty of offers to choose from and were able to find a contractor who would allow them to use their already purchased materials, enabling them to save as much money as possible. They only had to figure out labor costs and minor incidentals, which is harder to manipulate in the end result.

This customer also had a big savings on time, and were able to enjoy the comfort of choosing who they felt fit their qualifications without any unnecessary pressure. By having MiNeeds bring all of the interested parties to your doorstep, you inherit more time to be as picky or research as thorough as you want.

Now is the time to save as much cash as possible, and if it means scraping off some of the costs of a construction project by doing it on your own terms, than so be it. You can find more than enough potential professional providers when you browse through the Seattle home repair contractors. And then after you look them over, post your need and get your project underway.

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