Give Accounting Help Without Investing Too Much Time or Effort!!

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Managing financial records and handling workplace and employment tax problems, and meeting BOLI requirements are essential for all businesses. All these tasks are very critical and require in-depth knowledge of accounts, which is why it is essential that you hire a professional accountant to handle them. A novice might not be able to handle the tasks efficiently and may even make mistakes, which could land you and your company in legal and financial trouble. The search for a professional through the traditional means could prove to be very time consuming and taxing.

But, now anymore!! You can now use the MiNeeds site to seek out a professional who can fulfill your requirement in the least amount of time and at the least expense. With MiNeeds, it is not you but the professionals who go in the search of a business and bid competitively to win it. All you have to do is to post your requirements with the related details and sit back!! This is the path that the customer in Seattle, Washington, chose when he needed to hire a team of accountants to take care of his financial affairs. As soon as he posted his requirement, MiNeeds alerted the professionals in his area and asked them to submit their estimates, in case they were interested. Within a couple of days of posting the need, he had received responses from 4 professionals, from which he could choose the one who best met his criteria.

You can also simplify the search for a professional the next time you want the services of an accountant. You can scan the list of Seattle CPA and Accountants and select the person who best meets your budgetary needs. Alternatively, you can simply post your needs and wait for the bids to pour in!!

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Rid Yourself of Tax Problems By Hiring a Professional for Less!!

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When you start a company, one of the essential things that you need to do is to file the taxes at the end of every year. Any mistake or a miss in the filing process might result not only in stress but can lead to immense financial burden for you. You might also have to face lawsuits if the irregularities in the tax filings are substantial. Thus, it is critical to hire a professional accountant to take care of the regular filing and accounting for your business. The search of such a professional might require searching for and contacting the professionals, sifting through a lot of references and recommendations, taking quotes from them and selecting the one who best fits your needs. This process makes a huge demand on your time and effort. At the end of it all, you might still not be confident that you have the best services at the best cost.

You can reduce your time and effort investments immensely by opting to search through the MiNeeds site. At MiNeeds, all you have to do is post your requirement and the related details on the site. The rest of the work of contacting professionals and eliciting estimates from them is done by MiNeeds. All you need to do is to make a selection from the professionals who show an interest in your work and bid competitively to win your business. Take the successful example of the customer in Seattle, Washington, who wanted to hire the services of a professional for the year-end filing of his business. The moment he posted his requirement on MiNeeds, the professionals in his area were contacted and prompted to bid for his business. Within a day of posting the needs, he had received replies from 5 professionals, two of which made a special offer to him.

You can also save yourself the hassle of searching for the professional the next time you need to file taxes. You can either scan through the list of Seattle CPA & Accountants or simply post your needs and wait for the bids to pour in!!

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Tax Time Made Nice and Simple

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Tax time is never a fun topic for discussion. And if you thought individual tax forms were confusing and time consuming, imagine all of those corporations out there that have to file even more paperwork and forms. Almost all corporations big and small have a CPA that handles all of the tax stuff, but what happens when that CPA misses your deadline, or fails to be reliable at a time when you most need them? Sometimes life deals a situation where you have to react quickly, and for instances like this there is a place to turn to for help.

MiNeeds is a website where customers can quickly solicit business from professionals by simply posting their need. Look at thie Lynnwood customer who needed corporate tax returns filedimmediately. Her accountant missed the deadline given by the IRS to file her company’s tax returns, so she posted her need and all of the local accountants were invited to respond with a bid proposal trying to win her business. She needed a qualified accountant fast, and ended up receiving seven bids from accountants who could accommodate her time line. MiNeeds was able to save her the stress and aggravation of having to go find a new CPA. Another MiNeeds customer also gave her some advice on how to handle the misfortune of missing the deadline, and how to notify the IRS so heavy penalties could hopefully be avoided. MiNeeds customers look out for one another, and offer helpful information whenever possible.

When you have some accounting issues that pop up and you need some quick service, see if any of these Seattle accountants have what you are looking for. And once you post your need, you will invite them to bid on your services automatically, with no additional effort.

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Get an Accountant To Handle Your Nanny Tax Nonsense

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Paying taxes is a sure thing in life. They are one of the few things that are guaranteed until the day you die, so you just have to get used to them. Income tax time is still quite a bit away, but those aren’t the only taxes you have to worry about if you are a business owner. Furthermore, even if you hire a nanny to care for your children, you are required to pay a lot of different taxes. Didn’t know that? I am pretty sure not many people did, unless you are an accountant or work for the IRS. So what if you hire a nanny and still have no clue how to handle the tax payments? It looks like you are in need of a good accountant to do the job for you.

With so many accountants in the world today, one would think it to be simple to just throw a dart at the phone book and hire one. Of course, that doesn’t really ensure you are getting the best deal. What you should do is follow a similar path as this Seattle customer who was looking for accounting services to handle her nany tax problems. She posted her need on MiNeeds, which is a website where you can post your needed services and allow professional service providers bid for your business. After posting her need for accounting services, all of the professionals providing accounting services were notified, and eight came back and submitted proposals. And when more than a few people are looking to win you over, you can be assured that a good deal is behind one of those bids and will save you some money. In addition to the bids, she also received 3 tips from other MiNeeds customers, offering their support and other helpful information they had relating their her situation.

So why not try and save a few dollars next time you are in the market for some quality accounting services? Check out this selection of Seattle accountants and see if they offer what you need. And if you want to alert them of your needed services, post your need and let the selection process begin.

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Save Beans When Looking for a Qualified Accountant

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Running a business takes a lot of know how. Not only do you need to be a master of your trade, whether it be landscaping or running a restaurant, but you also need to know the ins and outs of your bottom line. More specifically, bookkeeping is a reason for failure in many business ventures that people enter into. Looking for help only multiplies your problems, especially after you figure in the time spent interviewing potential employees, not to mention the money wasted after paying someone for a few months to have them not work out. And if you rely on professional headhunters, you are really giving way too much trust in a stranger’s judgment. A good accountant, while a necessity behind every well run business, is so hard to find.

So why waste so much time and money weeding through the pool of applicants trying to find the needle in the haystack? Just do what this Seattle business owner did in search of business accounting services. They just posted their need on MiNeeds, and could sit back and relax. As soon as the need requesting business accounting was posted, all local accountants offering this service were automatically notified and were invited to submit a proposal for this customer. Word is even sent out to providers outside of the local area, giving the need a greater amount of exposure for services that can be done through telecommuting. A total of 5 bids were received, ranging from hourly rates of $28 to $35, with one provider giving a flat one-time fee of $800. Once the bids were received, the customer could average out the rate they felt comfortable paying and could then focus on quality of services provided. This ensured the customer received the best value for their dollar, and put every penny saved back into the business…or pocket.

Another nice feature this customer experienced by listing their need on MiNeeds is that each provider’s details were listed for a customer to see. Since in this case the desired need was accounting services, the customer was able to base their choice on information listed for each potential provider. This information, such as years of experience and professional certifications, is a great way to make certain that who you hire is what you are looking for-someone with knowledge, experience, and are able to do what they say they can.

Remember, someone once said time is money, and that couldn’t be any truer in today’s fast paced society. Although most of the nation’s leaders refuse to admit it, we are in the middle of a recession, and everybody wants to hold on to their cash as much as possible. Why not browse though the list of Seattle Accountants and see what they can do for you. Start saving time and money today by posting your need for accounting services right now.

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