Give Yourself a Special Look on Your Special Day for Less!!

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A wedding day is always special for girls and they want everything to be the best on that day. Apart from the venue, personal appearance also matters a lot on one’s wedding day. While you can look after your wedding dress, you would want the best bridal makeup professionals to make you look special on your special day. The selection of an experienced, yet affordable, professional is a very time-consuming job, considering that it involves searching for local professionals, eliciting bids from them, checking references, haggling for the right price and finally zeroing in on the one who suits your overall needs.

This search for a professional can be simplified with the help of the MiNeeds site. With MiNeeds, it is the professionals who come searching for you, instead of it being the other way around. Since several professionals are competing for your business on MiNeeds, you end up receiving the best quotes. All you have to do is post your requirement and the associated details, such as the estimated budget. The rest of the dirty job of contacting the professionals and eliciting competitive bids from them is done by MiNeeds, helping you save immensely on time and effort. This is what the customer from Seattle, Washington, did when she wanted to hire a hair and makeup professional for her wedding. The moment she posted her need on MiNeeds, the professionals in her area were contacted and prompted to bid for the business. Within a couple of days, she had received responses from 5 professionals, giving her ample options to select from.

You can also save your the hassle of searching for a professional the next time you want to get makeup and a special hairdo done. You can either scan the list of Seattle Beauty Services or simply post your needs and wait for the bids to pour in!!

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Help Your Loved One by Gifting the Services of a Wedding Services Provider for Less!

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A wedding is a big event in anyone’s life. It is the time when the bride and groom have innumerable dreams in their eyes for a new life. It is, therefore, natural that they want to start it with a day characterized by the perfect church wedding and a hugely successful wedding reception. The success of the day is, however, dependent on the services provided by professionals ranging from caterers to decorators. Needless to say, it is critical to hire talented, dependable and efficient wedding service providers. The search for such a provider is very time consuming, especially when there is a tight budget. If the big day of your best friend or close sibling is close, you can save them lots of trouble by gifting them the services of a wedding services provider.

Well, that does not mean that you have to extend your gift budget or do the extensive search for an appropriate wedding services provider yourself!! You can use the MiNeeds platform to let the service providers seek out your business for a change. A customer in Tacoma, Washington did just that when she wanted to get a range of services for her wedding day. She posted her need in MiNeeds, which immediately intimated all the professionals in her area and prompted them to submit their estimates. Within a few days, she received 10 bids, giving her ample options to choose from. She also received advice on how to best track the bids from a fellow customer.

You can also save yourself time and money while searching for a wedding services professional the next time you need to by using the services of MiNeeds. You can either browse through the list of Seattle wedding services or simply post your need and wait for the right professionals to contact you.

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Take a Load Off Your Shoulders and Hire a Planner

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When you went through the motions of planning your wedding, did you ever wish there was someone that could do all the leg work for you? I mean, think about how easy it would be if there was someone else that scheduled your appointments to meet the caterers, the florists, and the potential reception halls, and all you and your spouse-to-be had to do was show up and make a decision. And to make it even better, this extra someone will even help you make the right ones.

Regret not enlisting one of these people when it was your turn? I hear you there. But if you are in the midst of planning your own wedding right now, you should take a minute and learn by example. This Seattle Heights couple was looking for these services in planning their upcoming nuptials in August, and posted their need for a wedding planner on MiNeeds, a website where professionals are notified of your need and can competitively submit a proposal to try and win your business. Once their post was submitted, local providers offering wedding services were notified, and the bidding process began. The customers ended up with six sealed bids from professionals offering their wedding planning services, which is a decent number to choose from. Another MiNeeds customer who experienced a similar situation also gave them a very valuable tip to consider when making the right selection, ensuring that they check references and how to effectively stick to their budget. So along with a huge savings in time, you also get advice from people just like you who were in your shoes before and knows how you are feeling. They can also point out things you may tend to forget until the very end, when it is too late.

They could have been stuck calling around, making appointments to meet a variety of planners, and end up wasting time that would have been better spent elsewhere. Luckily, MiNeeds took that hassle away, and led the professionals to them instead. If you are getting married and want to save on some of the stresses that go along with the planning phase, look up Seattle wedding event services for a place to start. Or just post your needand let MiNeeds bring the professionals to you.

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