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They say anyone can create their own will and testament, regardless of whether or not you hire a lawyer to do the job. With that being said, I am not too sure many people feel comfortable enough to do so. There are arguments for trying to avoid the legal services of an attorney for such a document that they are not required, the main one being the cost of such expertise. But there are some tasks you just really should have professionals handle, this being one of them. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave out something important as who becomes the guardian of your children or who is responsible for handling the disposition of your assets the way you wanted them to.

There are ways to ensure you don’t fork over an arm and a leg and still get the legal services you need. Here a Wedgewood customer was looking for an attorney to handle their will and testament. He decided to use MiNeeds, a website made for customers just like him that offers a place to notify local professionals of the services they may need. From the instant he posted his need all of the attorneys in his area were notified and were invited to place a bid. At the end of the process he had 10 proposals submitted from professional lawyers trying to win his business. He also received a tip from another MiNeeds user, giving some very good advice on how to approach his project, giving him a few things to look for. Not only was he able to save time and energy in searching for a professional through MiNeeds, but he was also able to collect a few highly valuable tips to include in his decision making process, making it so much easier and practically effortless.

To get all of your legal needs handled, you can start browsing through these Seattle attorneysto get a sense of what is out there. Then you can enjoy a smooth and easy search process by posting your needand letting MiNeeds do the work for you.

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In a Legal Bind? Get Help Fast!

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Sometimes life throws you a few obstacles that you have to figure out how to overcome. Say you were renting an apartment and the landlord decided to perform some structural repairs without really discussing it with you first. Then, to make matters even more stressful they give you only a few days to prepare for the construction, leaving you in the dark long enough to make it such a drain on your way of life. Don’t you have some legal rights to at least get a more advanced warning to protect your personal property and make the proper adjustments to your lifestyle while the construction is taking place? Not everybody can afford to retain a lawyer at the drop of a hat just to get some well needed legal advice, so where can you turn to for such information?

This is exactly what happened to a Seattle customer looking for legal help. MiNeeds was her savior, acting as a place where she could post her needed services and have professionals looking to fulfill them for her. She posted her need for legal help with her landlord, and instantly all professional lawyers in her area were alerted and invited to bid for her business. She ended up with three bids, giving her some options on where to turn for her legal advice, while at the same time selecting one that fit her budget. She was also given a word of advice from another MiNeeds customer, which was an attempt to ease some of the worries that she was having about the work involved. Always remember that in addition to saving you money, MiNeeds is loaded with customers just like you who have all been in your situation at one time or another, all there to offer their advice and things to think about when going through the search process.

So if you need some legal advice but just don’t have that lawyer at your beck and call, try one of these Seattle attorneys and see if they can help. And if you want to get them competing for your business, post your need and let them know what you are looking for.

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Get Out of Jail For Less

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Legal matters are never a fun thing to go through. And that doesn’t get any better when you or a loved one gets placed in prison as the outcome. While a public defender is typically the way to go if you cannot afford an attorney on your own, sometimes you truly do get what you pay for. At a time like this, you need someone that has an excellent knowledge of the law, and can work with you to go through the process the correct way with your best interests in mind. Depending on the details of the case, it could get really expensive. So how do you get a great value for an affordable cost?

Look at this Tacoma customer looking for an attorney to represent their brother who was placed in jail. They were able to look for an affordable attorney on MiNeeds, a website where professionals are invited to bid on your needed services. As soon as the need was posted, all professional attorneys were notified, and asked if they were interested in bidding on the customer’s business. When the bidding process was complete, the customer had ten professional attorneys responding to their post. The customer was now faced with a good amount of options, such as costs for services offered. And by having the attorneys coming to them, they did not have to waste any time trying to find the right one that fit their needs.

It has never been so easy to find professional providers. If you or someone close to you have fallen into some legal troubles, and you aren’t sure where to turn to, see if any of these Seattle attorneys can help you out. Ir if you want to enjoy quick success like this customer did, post your need today and have them looking for you.

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Get Out of Legal Binds Without all the Bills

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Being wrongfully accused is never a fun thing to go through. And what makes matters worse is when a simple act in your head is misconstrued, and you are not only accused out of misperception but you also are prosecuted for it. Your word becomes useless unless you have a seasoned, trained professional to state your case for you. But where do you go to solicit services from a lawyer that won’t cost you a fortune? Most require a retainer just to talk to you, and then slam you with hourly charges, phone call bills, and anything else they can sock to you just to get you off the hook. You would probably spend it just to keep from having it reflect on your personal record. But when they are wrong, you need to put up a good defense.

Look at this poor customer in Bothell who was charged for shoplifting $11.00 worth of snacks for his child’s preschool. He felt he did nothing wrong, and went to MiNeeds, a website where he could alert all of the right professionals of his need and allow them to bid for his business. All he did was post his need for a lawyer to defend againt his shoplifting charge, and instantly all lawyers in the area were contacted that this customer needed help. In no time at all, he received six proposals from attorneys in his area that could help him at the price he was looking for. The customer had enough to stress about, so he let MiNeeds do all of the hard work for him in contacting all interested attorneys. No flipping through the yellow pages or Googling law offices you have no clue about. Saving time like that is very valuable.

So if you are ever accused of some wrongdoing that you know you didn’t do, take a look at some of the Seattle attorneys that can help you clear your name. And once you have established what you are looking for, post your need for legal services and let them competitively fight over your business. It will only be good for you in the end.

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Make Divorce Court As Painless As Possible

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You don’t even have to experience it to know that divorce is ugly. A lot of harsh feelings all welled up into one angry event, with each half lashing out at the other assessing blame and accountability. Even though some go smoothly, uncontested and civil, there is still a lot of hurt, pain and anguish to have to go through the motions of filing the documents. And when there are children involved it only makes things that more difficult. So when it all comes down to the court date, you want to make sure you have all of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed, right? If anything, it will keep the pain from being dragged on and on.

Check out this customer in Sammamish who had to take on the brunt of all the court paperwork to finalize her divorce. With children involved, she didn’t want to take the chance of making a mistake that would have cost her in the long run. Knowing she could not handle the workload, she posted her need for a divorce lawyer on MiNeeds, the site where you find professionals that provide your needed services. Once she posted her need for a family lawyer to handle her paperwork, all of the providers, both local and not so local, were notified and had an opportunity to bid for her business. This saved her a lot of time running around looking for the right help, and allowed her to focus on what the bidding professionals could offer. She was also able to make her choice on her own time, not feeling pressured by one of the “ads on a bus” lawyers who just look out for their cut. This is the reason MiNeeds exists, to save you time and energy.

Hopefully you never have to go through the pain of divorce, but not all of us are so lucky. If and when you do need a trusted Seattle attorney at a reasonable cost, you should head right to MiNeeds to begin your search. It will most likely be your one and only stop. Don’t waste another minute, or dime. Post your need and start enjoying life again.

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