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Give Your Website a New Lease of Life Without Huge Investments of Time and Money

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Most people abhor reading long text messages and promotional campaigns. One of the best ways to market products and services on your website is by embedding an audio/ video on capture pages that prompts people to understand your products and services and how they can help them in their daily life. Creating impressive capture pages must be done by expert professional web designers, since they are adept at creating web pages to attract the most traffic. However, finding affordable professionals could prove to be extremely tiresome and time consuming.

However, this need not be the case anymore. You can drastically reduce the time and effort needed to search for a professional web designer by opting for the MiNeeds site. Through MiNeeds, it will be the professionals who will search for you and make a concerted effort to win your business, instead of it being the other way around. Moreover, since the professionals are bidding to win your business, you will end up receiving the best deals at the lowest prices. The end result that you will save on time, effort and money. This is the path that the customer in San Mateo, California, chose when he wanted to get 6-7 lead capture pages designed for his real estate website. Instead of following the traditional method of searching, he posted his need and the preferred start date on MiNeeds. Within moments of the need getting posted, all the local professionals were contacted by MiNeeds and prompted to bid for the project in case they were interested. Within a few days, he had received responses from 3 professionals, two of whom also gave him a special offer. All this helped him in selecting a professional who best met his overall criteria.

You can also save yourself the hassle of searching for a professional the next time you want to get a book cover designed. You can scan through the list of Seattle Graphic Designers and contact the one who seems most appropriate for you. Alternatively, you can post your needs and wait for the professionals to bid for your business!!

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Give a Boost To Your Business For Less!!

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Signage is vital for a business’ bottom line. Since signages are placed outside a shop, they instantly create a first and lasting impression of the business. Signs that are well designed and are reflective of the business help attract new customers, leading to impulse sales and forming a brand in the minds of the people. It is, thus, essential that you get your signage made by a professional graphic designer. However, searching for an appropriate professional who will meet all your budgetary criteria and preferences is quite a harrowing task.

The good news is that this tough task can be made simple through the MiNeeds site. With MiNeeds, you can get the professionals to seek out your business, instead of you doing the searching. As a result, you save time, effort and money that would have otherwise been spent on a long-drawn search process. Moreover, you are not obligated to any one professional until you have finalized the deal, allowing you to make the best possible choice. And, the best part is that you receive competitive proposals from professionals, enabling you to save on money and time that you would have otherwise spent in haggling for the appropriate cost. Take the example of the customer in Seattle, Washington, who wanted a business sign board for his retail store. He posted his requirement and his estimated budget on MiNeeds, which in turn contacted all the local professionals and urged them to bid for the project. Within a couple of days of posting the requirement, he had received proposals from several professionals, from which he chose the one that best met his needs.

You can also save yourself the hassle of searching for a professional the next time you want to get a sign board designed for your store. You can scan through the list of Seattle Graphic Designers and select the one who best suits your needs or simply post your needs and wait for the professionals to contact you!!

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Boost Your Business This Year by Upgrading Your Website

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A website is the basic survival kit of any business. This is especially true for a small business. In this Internet era, no marketing vehicle can offer better global exposure to a business than a website. However, to be able to gain maximum exposure, a website must have relevant content. In order to retain visitors, the website must also be attractive and user-friendly. Moreover, the website should be search-engine optimized, such that it is ranked among the first two pages on any search engine, such as Google and Yahoo. Given the importance of optimizing your website on all these criteria, you might have resolved to upgrade your website in the New Year in order to gain a competitive edge and boost your profits. With so much at stake, searching for an experienced and efficient website designer and SEO consultant could be a tough and time consuming exercise.

Well, this need not be the case at all…if you choose to go through the MiNeeds platform. MiNeeds offers a platform to bring together service seekers and providers. The advantage of MiNeeds is that it saves you the effort of contacting each professional and shifts this exercise onto the professionals. All you need to do is post your requirement and wait for a response from the professionals. This is just what the customer in Seattle, Washington did when he wanted to give his website a face lift. MiNeeds automatically informed all the professionals of his need and prompted them to submit their competitive proposals and win the business. Within a few days, he had received 9 bids, giving him ample options to choose from.

Save yourself the time and effort the next time you want to hire the services of a web designer. You can either browse through the list of Seattle web designers or simply post your need and wait for the professionals to seek you out.

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Graphic Designers to the Rescue

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Real estate professionals can rely only on word of mouth to spread their business. As such, they need to use every visual advertisement possible to get the message out about their newly listed homes. And since their income depends on it, they must have a professional looking ad to catch the eye of all the potential buyers out there in order to keep that income stream flowing. While the larger corporate agents under the umbrella of a company can count on inside publications, the smaller agents must find a way to outsource this process. So where can these agents turn to in order to find qualified professionals for this service?

MiNeeds is a place where customers can post their needed services and invite professionals who provide such services to submit quotes on how much they can provide these services for. Here a Bellevue customer was looking for real estate flyersadvertising a listed home for sale. He posted his need at MiNeeds, and instantly all of the professionals providing graphic design services were notified and given the chance to win his business. Within a few days of posting, five professional designers responded with a proposal on what they can provide and an estimated cost. The customer was able to choose from a selection of providers, choosing which one fit his budget.

If you are in the real estate business, or any other self-employed business and are in need of some flyers or advertisements designed, you can see if any of these Seattle graphic designers can offer you what you need. Or better yet, post your need today and enjoy the relaxed process of bringing the designers to you.

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