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Get Your House Cleaned For Less!!

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Cleaning a large house is a highly taxing job, especially for working women. With office work, regular house work and family commitments taking up most of their waking hours, women tend to put off house cleaning for the lack of time or energy. As a result, the place starts looking untidy, despite one’s best intentions. To ensure that your house remains clean at all times, you need to seek the services of a housecleaner. However, the search of an efficient and dependable housecleaner is something that can take up a lot of time, energy and even money!!

Yes, traditional methods of searching for the right professional can be tedious, if not expensive. However, you can save on time, effort and money by opting for the MiNeeds site. By simply posting your requirements on MiNeeds, you can get professionals to seek you out instead of it being the other way around. This is just what the customer from Tacoma, Washington, did when she wanted a maid service for her 5,000 sq ft house. The moment she posted her requirements and related details, MiNeeds informed all the local professionals and prompted them to submit their proposals in order to win the business. Within a few days, she received 7 bids from licensed professionals, 2 of whom offered special services.

You can also save yourself the hassle of searching for the right professional when you need the services of a housecleaner. You can search through the list of Seattle Cleaning Services to find the professional who best meets your criteria. Alternatively, you can just post your needs and wait for the professionals to contact you!

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Stick to Your Budget and Still Get Your Needs Fulfilled

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Everybody knows what they can and can’t afford. In a time of global financial crisis, it is more important than ever to stick to a pre-determined budget. But just because you force yourself to be fiscally responsible does not mean you need to ignore the fact that some things just need to be addressed in life. Say you are a busy professional who is never home, and have a need for a housekeeping service to keep you running on schedule as well as in a clean house. You don’t have to be staying in a hotel to have someone clean up after you, and now you have a place to go to fit such desired services in your spending limits.

MiNeeds is an online community where you can post your needed services and alert professional providers what you are looking for, allowing them to bid for your business. Just look at this Seattle customer looking for a housekeeper. They posted their need on MiNeeds, expressing their strict budget restrictions right off the bat. This leveled the playing field immediately, leaving no secret to what they were able to afford. As a result, nine professionals providing housekeeping services responded with bid proposals, ranging from $48 to $100 per week. The customer was able to choose a provider that they could afford, giving them a great amount of savings while getting the services they needed at the same time.

Are you someone that tends to lose a lot of time to the workforce and could use a little help keeping your house in order? If so, you can start here and browse through these Seattle cleaning services to get a sense of what is out there. Then, simply post your need, sit back, and enjoy the ease of using MiNeeds.

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Wash Away Your Worries When Looking for a Cleaner

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Being a landlord comes with a lot of baggage. Not only do you have to worry about being paid on time, but you also have added liabilities and maintenance issues to keep up on in order to ensure your tenant’s happiness. And if you own more than one rental property, good luck. You just multiplied all of your problems. But one of the biggest concerns is when your tenants move out and you have new ones to take their spot. The thought of what condition the prior tenants left the apartment in is always on your mind, and if there needs to be any extensive cleaning or repairs you may not always have the time to do it.

So if you want to hire someone to clean your apartment, you can always follow the lead of this Seattle customer who posted their needs for cleaning services on MiNeeds. MiNeeds is a website that helps customers find the right professional service providers by allowing them to bid on a customer’s posted need. When this customer’s need was posted, all of the professionals providing cleaning services were notified and given the option to submit a proposal within a specific time frame. When time expired, the customer was left with 16 proposals of various pricing options to choose from. With this much of a selection, the customer was able to find the desired services for the right price. The competitive bidding process at MiNeeds helps you save money because competition is always good for the customer. And with the instant notification to all of the providers offering the services you need, you save time by not having to search for them on your own.

So if you are looking for someone to get rid of the dirtiness in your home, browse through the Seattle cleaning services and see if you find any you like. And if you really want to save money, post your need today and let them battle for your business. You will win in the long run.

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Clean a Little, Save a Lot

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Cleaning a house is no easy chore. The upkeep is so great, no matter what size house you may live in. Being busy with kids, work, or personal activities, you can’t do everything. And what if you need something done that you just don’t know how to do, or have the proper equipment to do it successfully? Not many people can afford permanent housecleaners nowadays, especially with the cost of living skyrocketing. Gasoline, heating and foods costs take money away from ideas like that. And since the majority of us are not independently wealthy, we have to do what we can to get things done.

Luckily, you can always search for help like this Shoreline customer that needed her carpet cleaned in one room did. Not everybody has a house full of carpet, so it would be senseless for those who don’t to buy carpet cleaners. They can get pretty expensive, and why waste the money with only a carpet or two? She posted her need on MiNeeds, stating that she had a living/dining area carpet of approximately 500 square feet, and was looking for it to be cleaned. She ended up receiving six bids from local providers that saw her need and offered the service she was looking for. And the best part is that she ended up paying only $60 for a one time cleaning service, not having to enter any recurring service contracts or spend hundreds of dollars on a carpet cleaner to sit in the closet 363 days a year. It’s all about saving money, and she did just that.

In addition to receiving bid proposals from providers, this customer also received a few tips of advice from other MiNeeds friends. Being able to consider advice from people who have been in your situation is a very valuable piece of information. This way you can receive any recommendations from people just like you at no additional cost, and could also bring up certain points to look for during your consideration that you may have overlooked.

Decisions are hard enough to make, so if someone is offering good advice always take it into consideration. It may save you money and aggravation in the long run. Looking for a cleaner for your own personal needs? Have a look at some of the Seattle cleaning services and see if they can do what you are looking for. Chances are, they can. And remember to post your cleaning needs and save money on cleaning services while you are still thinking of it, before you move it to the back burner and forget!

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