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Get Video Streaming on Your Website Without Pressurizing Your Pocket!

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A website that streams videos can only work with proper plug-ins installed. Moreover, the thumbnails of the videos available on the site can help retain visitor interest. Thumbnails and proper plug-ins should be created by an expert professional, the search of whom may require you to survey the market, scan references and meet with professionals referred by friends. You may also have to ask for quotes before zeroing in on one person. This can be a very time consuming task that needs a lot of effort.

Not anymore..with MiNeeds, the time and effort spent by you can be drastically cut down while searching for the required professional. At MiNeeds, professionals come searching for you, instead of it being the other way around. With MiNeeds, you are in a win-win position, since you not only save immensely on time and effort, but also on money, as the professionals are encouraged to place competitive quotes in an effort to win your business. All you have to do is post your requirement and sit back!! This is the path that the customer in Los Angeles, California, took when he wanted a professional to create thumbnails and plugins for his video streaming WordPress website. The moment he posted his requirement and the estimated budget, MiNeeds contacted all the professionals in his area and prompted them to bid for the project. Within a few days, he had received responses from 3 professionals, which gave him ample choice to choose the one who best met his overall criteria.

You can also save yourself the hassle of searching for a professional the next time you want to get thumbnails created for your website. You can either scan through the list of Seattle Web Designers and select the professional who suits your criteria or simply post your needs and let the professionals interested in your business contact you!

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A Nice and Easy Recruitment Tool

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The world of web programming is a fast paced, highly competitive field in today’s society. With everything going digital, it is more and more important for companies to hired the the most qualified talent to keep them looking good to the public, especially when image is everything these days. So when a company goes to recruit a top notch service provider, there are a few options to choose from. One is to put out an ad in several job sites alerting all potential applicants of the required service, but this takes time and energy, not to mention an additional advertising budget. There is another option that not only saves time but doesn’t require any additional fees to budget into your expenses.

Just look at this Bellevue customer looking for a web programmer to design their website. They are a company that turned to MiNeeds, a website community that allows customer to post their needed services in the attempt to bring professionals to their needs. This customer posted their need for a website representative to what their company was about, and instantly all of the local web design and programming professionals were notified of the need and were invited to submit a proposal to try and win their business. Without any effort or additional advertising, their post generated seven quotes from professionals providing web design services. The customer was then able to sort through which provider met their needs and budget.

Whether you are individual who needs help, or a company that is looking for some outside support with their web design needs, you can always check here and see if any of these Seattle web developers have what you need. Or just post your need and immediately get responses from qualified professionals in your area.

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Hire Web Developers to Kick Off Your Site

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Getting your very own on-line business off the ground can be difficult. No matter what type of Internet business you are trying to pursue, they all revolve around one concept: getting heavy traffic. It is the unique visitors you have to keep moving in and out of your revolving website “door” so to speak, and most often this is where most hopeful on-line entrepreneurs fall short. And a lot of it has to do with having little experience in Internet marketing, as well as a small amount of capital to just run out and hire someone top do it for you.

So why let the thought of such services being unaffordable stop you? Do what this Everett customer looking to attract website visitors did and go to MiNeeds, the website where you can look for qualified professionals, and invite them to bid on your needed services. Once their need was posted on the site, providers offering web programming services were notified and given the opportunity to propose their options to the customer. The customer ended up with five bids, now giving them a selection of providers they can choose from at a price they felt was in their budget. They were also given more time to put into their business by not having to run around calling, interviewing and soliciting these services on their own. MiNeeds brought the professionals to them, and saved them time and energy.

So whether you are an Internet business newcomer still buzzing with ideas, or an on-line marketing guru who just can’t get your web traffic to go any higher, see if any of these Seattle web developers can tend to your needs. Or post your need and immediately get responses from these professional providers today.

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Calling All Consultants

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Computer problems happen every day. Most of the time, they are easily fixed with a reboot or a re-install of the problematic software. But sometimes there are deeper, more serious problems that need specific attention before your entire network crashes. If you are not covered under a warranty or extended service plan, a lot of times you end up paying by the minute for customer support, only to find out they can’t help you over the phone. Then you are greeted by a traveling technician at X dollars per hour. All those service fees add up, and you have just spent more than it would have cost you to buy a new PC in the first place.

Here a customer was looking for a Seattle Web & Programming consultant to come to his home and fix the number of issues he was experiencing with his wireless computer network. He ended up going to the right place, MiNeeds, a web site where professionals are invited to bid on the needed services you post. The customer posted his need, outlined his issues and gave an estimated budget for what he was looking to spend. All of the professionals providing consultant services were notified of his issues, and were given the opportunity to submit a proposal on what they could do for him. The customer ended up receiving a variety of bids, ranging from hourly fees of $35 to $85, with flat fees between $120 and $350. He even had a professional offer his services for free just to get positive exposure on MiNeeds. That shows you how much people are relying on this amazing service. With so many proposals, the customer had a good selection of price to pick from, saving him a lot more money than if he went at it with the customer service reps. And with the instant notification that alerts not only local professionals in the Washington area, but those who offer the desired services no matter where you live in this nation, he never had to go any further to look for these consultants than his own computer.

If you have had similar computer issues like this customer, and don’t want to get stuck spending a fortune on outsourced pay-by-the-minute phone help, browse through the listing of Seattle web developers who can tend to your needs. Or, simply post your need for web and programming services and get your problems fixed today!

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